Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lotusphere Thoughts and PostSphere Ideas

"Beyond your wildest dreams" that's a line I heard from so many people, BPs, custmers, even IBMers.
"Best Lotusphere ever!!!!"
And that came from almost all the bloggers and even the Turtle, whom I finally met in person and thanks for his Gonzo Lotusphere page from oh, 99 or so. And his lovely wife, Nora.

I must say, although I was occupied with my server and other plans which I can not blog about here, yet, it really was a great week.

And it is a week for some who come in on Friday or Saturday. From the Friday dinner to BALD, Penumbra, Special Bloggers, Press passes, Exhibitors sharing ideas it was just a great show.

And while I know many thought the economy would hurt the show, and I am sure some exhibitors may think it, the truth is there was a 2% increase in registrations and lunch was always overflowing, as were many sessions.

Nice to have BDDay in the Swan and the logistics of getting everyone to/from lunch was great too.

I received 3 passes for exams(I think we were supposed to get 2) this year and I actually made it to the lab to take one.
The new Quickr for Domino cert exam. As usual, I failed, once again proving that theory rarely equals the reality of knowledge or how to accomplish the task in front of you.
My 12 years or so on Lotus Quickplace and Lotus Quickr obviously does not equate to exam questions. Such is life. I knew there was a reason i don't have any certs even after 15+ years on Lotus Notes and Domino.
For those that pass these exams, I hold nothing but respect for you all, especially some of my fellow bloggers who have all of these.
For customers who ONLY ask for them, well, call us after so we can help you.

Speaking of customers I saw many, spoke to some new ones, finished discussions with potential clients and even got to take some pictures of my server cube around Lotusphere. Pictures will get posted some day.

It looks to be a great year, economy be damned, and I look forward to perhaps having a pedestal next year to sell my servers from given how many people wished I had brought more to the show.

I can't do it all justice and will stop here. Next year I promise to not keep Bill up all night and to show up to Gurupalooza and the bloggers photo shoot.

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