Thursday, January 8, 2009

ST-SNTT LDAP and DA, Forgot about this Issue

When are support people right but wrong?
When you only look at one side of an equation.

We have a Lotus Sametime server which started having problems the day after new years.
Error messages like this: Problems uploading this graphic for some reason, never mind just yanked it out of the log file.

01/02/2009 12:19:44 PM HTTP JVM:
-----Servlet Information-----
Servlet name: scs
Servlet class: com.lotus.sametime.configuration.DominoConfigurationServlet
Servlet state:
Configuration parameters: ServletURL=scs
Info for: com.lotus.sametime.configuration.DominoConfigurationServlet@34903490
01/02/2009 12:19:44 PM HTTP JVM: javax.servlet.ServletException: Unable to get configuration object: Exception while generating Server List: Database open failed (%1): Unable to get configuration object: Exception while generating Server List: Database open failed (%1)

Something must have gone bad, right? Well we had some DNS issues left over from the data center move so who knows what was relevant, right?

I tried updating the Sametime Server to 8.0.2, didn't fix it.
Updated Domino to 8.0.2, still no changes.

Then on the 6th 8.5 came out, yes, updated it to 8.5IF1 (yes a fix was out the same day). Still error messages but Sametime works now. ST Logger and ST Community still fail. hmmm.

Also got this message on the LDAP server:
01/07/2009 11:22:57 AM Error attempting to access the Directory *ILove.lotusphere.COM:389 (no available alternatives), error is LDAP
Server is NOT available.

So updated the LDAP server to 8.5If1 too. As an aside it took 40 minutes! 32 or so to back it up, 7 or so to install it. Got to love Domino. Try that with an Exchange Server!

Was informed this error message is because the Directory Assistance (DA) database on the LDAP server should NOT have the LDAP server referenced. Meaning you need to have one DA.nsf on the LDAP server which does not replicate to all other servers and they in turn need a DA.nsf with LDAP in it.

Confused? so was I. IBM Support is still working on the ST Logger issue.

The moral of the story is if you don't tell your tech guy/team/support person on the phone everything about your environment you may end up hurting yourself more. Luckily I am not new to this and almost created more havoc had I just disabled the LDAP reference in the DA.


  1. Hi Keith, very interesting post. Only for curiosity, I translated your post to Spanish with the Google Translator Gadget. The result is very humoristic !! Regards from Spain.

  2. Albert, I imagine it was humorous. the translations do not always work well,but in my experience something is better than nothing.
    I can't read Norwegian for instance but translating it I get what the person was trying to say.