Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LS09 Come see the DOMCUBUS at...

After some meetings with the Foundations teams, can't say anything about that other than it was an interesting Round Table, and I got to meet Jimmy Bracco, even if briefly, maybe more time tomorrow. he has a BoF which should be interesting.

Yes Lotusphere really is about connecting to everyone. Last night at kimono's I got to meet so many Bloggers/Twitters it was great. And for reference you can get food at kimonos till midnight. Thanks to Uffe for my late snack and drinks.

So everyone that wants to see the DOMCUBUS or buy one or discuss OEM deals, today I had 2 different vendors ask if I can rebrand it for their solution, one hardware, one software, so please do ask me any questions.

Anyway, come visit the machine and it's yellow keyboard and mouse, available separately if you want a set.

Pedestal 324, my friend Michelangelo Gambacorta was kind enough to share some ped space for the day for me. Please be kind enough to look into his RSA and Fax solutions, it should be of interest to some of you. Pick up a brochure or a card or a flyer and then find me, you know you want one. And don't forget about the Lotusphere special!

And on Wednesday you can see it in the Foundations lab, from 9-1, Scott Hooks of Lotus911 is letting me hangout with it there. Perhaps other places too. Inquire within.

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