Friday, January 23, 2009

An Interview with David Kajmo, Quickr PM

David Kajmo, Product manager for Lotus Quickr, was kind enough through the efforts of Erica Topolski to spend a 1/2 hour with me and discuss Lotus Quickr and some past/forward topics came to life.

After reminiscing about when I was on the inside and he was working on the K-Station or Discovery Server or one of the other turn of the century add-on products we got down to some business.

We discussed how amazing it must have felt inside when Quickr started getting traction. After all Quickplace had been in a maintenance mode for so long most people hadn't thought of it for years. I had beta'd it and supported many installations, but probably had gone about 6 years in between an installation or even a discussion on it.
Amazing what a difference the last 2 years have been on it.

It may have been the first steps in bringing Lotus back to where it used to be.

We then discussed topics around 8.2 and one which connected well with me, and my so to be converted Domino.doc clients to Quickr is wait for 8.2(due in Q2) as it will run on 8.5, which is REALLY important if you want/must use DAOS. What a difference that is going to make for your attachments, server size, sites capacity and backups.

We also discussed my recent topic of the J2EE vs Domino versions and where they are going. I will leave it as an open answer, the path of Quickr for Domino seems well defined. J2EE side is under discussion as more and more pieces of Quickr and Connections merge or at least integrate both among themselves and the Lotus Notes 8.5 client. Stay tuned on this one for more in the future.

The 2 versions of Lotus Quickr will unlikely ever be equal on all levels and IBM recognizes this may have caused some confusion at points but they do intend to provide a clear path and with the options for upgrading from Doc to Quickr with Filenet and the ECM options it raises Quickr's document capability.

Quickr will be receiving some additional document management functionality, possibly enough in 8.2 for me and others to begin our Doc migrations. I have lined up, any one else need help, inquire within.

Thanks Dave, see you next year.

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