Monday, May 18, 2009

Lotus Wordpro is smarter than Lotus Symphony?

bad formatting perhaps
The letter, addressed to partners, and customers, presumably, was not able to be read using Lotus Symphony on my laptop for some unknown reason.

It was however read using Lotus Wordpro straight from the open or save dialog box in Firefox.

Yes that trusty word processing powerhouse alternative from another century opened it with no problem.

So now I was intrigued, what was the problem.

Upon further review the file was named SW, no extension.
I then logged back in to download the letter and saved it this time and gave it a .doc extension.

And this time symphony read it.

Evidently we have become so detailed to ONLY read files with an extension that makes sense, unlike the earlier heyday of Office suites that had to look at a file and just try to read it, no matter what the format.

So Wordpro is smarter than Symphony?