Thursday, April 30, 2009

SNTT - iNotes Mail Redirection in 8.5

Edited 9/2/2010: Login page edits can be found at this post.

Edited 12/21/2009: If you need more information for internet site documents and configuration see this post.

It's a NEW template and so full of help and documentation one doesn't even need to post about it.


To be fair this is one of those things you love to use and set up once go away and then something breaks it and you have to do it all....over....again.....from.....memory.

Not totally true anymore. Webmail redirect has come a long way so to speak since the old Sandbox. Needless to say, if your environment looks like one of our clients, well, then this is for you.

Here is a link to the Domino Administrator help file which is online at IBM where it provides THE ONLY documentation for this utility(outside of the database itself, read on for more on this). Appropriately called "Using iNotes Redirect to access mail in Lotus iNotes".

If you read it, there seems to be nothing to it really.
1. Create an application using the "IBM Lotus iNotes Redirector"(IWAREDIR.NTF) template.
2. In the IBM® Lotus® Notes® client, open the application that you created.
3. Click Setup and follow the prompts(I didn't get any prompts) to set up iNotes Redirect.
I'll add a step 4, at the server console, tell HTTP Restart.

Hold on, not so fast, what about all these settings and options you say?
Let's do it one step at a time.
I will presume you know how to create a database by now.

1) You will see one button on the page, Click on Setup.
2) Now you will see 4 buttons like this:
4 choices but still no prompts
3) Select server settings
4) Here the help offered is helpful, so use it if you need it. Select the Redirection type, I use dynamic and not a forced path in this case.
5) Choose SSL or not and debug or not.
6) Click on the UI setup button.
7) Enter the time to redirect in seconds. Why you ask...
8) What text do you want displayed while being redirected? So you can do a Public service announcement or have some fun with it like I do and tell them to relax and the server will be with you in a few seconds, please deposit 25 cents to continue.
9) You can also add a custom logo or color and enable the personal, login and cookie options as you so desire.
10) Click on ultralite/mobile settings and enable the ultralite button, it should already be populated with ipod(had no idea I could use it as a client)and iphone.
11) Now go to the application setup button and make the ACL changes as described.

And it.....didn't work for my client.

So what's wrong?

I get the Lotus Notes Traveler code home page. I love Traveler, but this shouldn't be coming up after I login.

OK, let's check the WEB settings in the Names.nsf.

Go to Configuration-Web-Internet Sites

I found a website for traveler on that server. Not unusual to have Traveler on the same server as one's mail, but Traveler appears to have taken over the default URL.

Open up the site, go to the Configuration tab and edit it.
The Home URL was populated with traveler/index.html.

Sorry, that will break iNotes redirection.

Copy this, or whatever you find there, over to the comments tab, as backup.

Now replace that with inotesredirector.nsf?open (please use whatever name you made the NSF when you created the database, BUT don't forget the ?open).

Try to log back in, it should work now. If not, run the tell http restart at the server console and try again. If that doesn't work, get a hold of me so we can fix it together.

As an extra benefit, don't forget you can redirect when people leave their email as well.

Using this notes.ini setting, iNotes_WA_LogoutRedirect= you can send the person anyplace you want, I sent you to my blog if you cut and paste this.

As the help file says on this topic:
Use the NOTES.INI variable, iNotes_WA_LogoutRedirect, to specify a URL to redirect users to a Web page after logging out from server. The setting provides normal cache clearing with the IBM® Lotus® iNotes™ control, and clearing of browser credentials. This variable allows sites which have additional actions that need to happen on a logout (such as logging out of a reverse proxy server) to specify a URL to do this additional activity. Or you can use this variable to return people to an initial login page. The format for this settings is iNotes_WA_LogoutRedirect=URL. For example: