Friday, April 24, 2009

Lotus Domino SSL, Don't Force It (updated Post)

Can't save this for SNTT, that's on Yom Kippur.

Evidently one's intepretation of a setting can lead to double trouble.

A URL which should look like this(found on a Lotus Quickr server):

Turned into this:

And of course prevents logging in.

The resolution for this odd appearance is the following:
In the Server document of the offending server go to:
Internet Protocols Section
Domino Web Engine Tab
HTTP Sessions Part
Force Login on SSL set it to NO

Setting it to YES caused this dilemna.
I am not going to delve into what this field is for exactly, there is no hover over or click on it help to tell me what it is someone want to enlighten me I will be happy to add it on to this post.

COntinuing now with User Acceptance Testing.

Updated 4/23/2009 Per Patrick's post