Monday, January 31, 2011

Messaging and Collaboration Strategy Session

Majority running 8.5x with 70+ percent using it.
Lotus Live Notes is doing well.
Ed was probably speaking way too fast for non-English speakers.
Most likely due to the huge amount of info he wanted to get across.

Ah the Future:
So 7.0.x is at End of Life April 2011 start upgrading already, what are you waiting for?
Mostly fixes/updates but likely to only be one point release, 8.5.3.

Lotus Knows Productivity will get rolled out in the US as a new marketing campaign.

LotusLive Notes in 2011:
Domino utility server to be used for apps so you can get apps and mail in LL sometimes this year.

GSX is now monitoring your LotusLive Notes. Why would they do this if no one has control from a client side? Because to ensure SLA's and quality of service issues.

NO Windows mobile

Notes Next:
Concept is done, planning is done, now to get it done.
Ease Cloud integration and Hybrid.
SAML authentication
Automated provisioning

New teamroom template has been posted to
What changes?
inbox no longer the focus
Web/mobile are priorities

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