Monday, January 3, 2011

Android Tablet breaks, Toys R Us Fails

Over the holiday week with my kids off from school took a bunch of time off.
One day we decided to go to Orlando for the day.
Kids took the Tablet, which in an emergency was going to be my support device as well.
All was fine for the first hour or so.
Stopped to get gas along the way and next thing I hear is screaming and crying.

Turns out the Tablet had developed a case of broken window. The screen, literally cracked. The INTERNAL screen that is.

After sorting the kids out and explaining neither of them had done anything wrong, I then had to figure out how this happened.

My best guess is the device could not handle the 45-50 degree temperature outside. inside the van it was obviously warmer but either way, we had cracked glass brick.

Top glass is 100% fine. The LCD was done.

When we bought the tablet, knowing it was the kids, we spent the extra $18 to get a full replacement coverage.

So off I go to call the warranty department. I find out, replacement coverage is NOT what you and I would expect. It means we get our money back. Um, that is not replacement coverage to me.

While I can see their side, it doesn't help when:
A) it's a kids toy(this IS Toys R Us after all)
B) the price was much lower than normal as it was bought on Black Friday
C) trying to explain to your kids why the cool toy is gone and can't be replaced

Well sure, we can replace it, at much higher cost which will make us wonder which device to get next. The same one or something different?

Personally I would like one in Yellow for Lotusphere. If anyone has similar plans, let me know.


  1. That is a pitty.

    Was it a tablet from Samsung?

  2. That's not a tablet, that's a light bulb mate.

  3. lol, yes I know but my guess was it was purely stamped for them but not really anything to do with them.
    I have more faith in Sylvania to back up their products.