Friday, January 21, 2011

Cookie orders Going well

Seems Lotusphere attendees really like to eat Thin Mints cookies. Really like them! Some even want a case of them! Still time to request them here.

Some have questioned if we can sell the cookies online. She is not selling them online, just advertising them.
Potential orders are from my friends, just as if I worked in an office except my office is virtual to all of you, who will be at Lotusphere, since I was going to be bringing some up anyway and this helps estimate better.
Their troop will be selling at various stores and malls and those notices went out as well to those locations and patrons both on paper and via email.

The guidelines provided the troop that they signed does not say one can't sell them online. In fact it stipulates that they agree to follow all safety procedures...including both conducting sales and participating in any online marketing activities.

The GSA does not sell any cookies online, presumably, so that each individual troop can sell them. Not unlike many software and hardware companies that do not sell direct to the public, except via distributors.

My daughter will be using skype, with me, to talk to those that ordered so she learns, and experiences, why people like, buy and eat Girl Scout Cookies and report back on it to the troop.

Encouraging the next generation to think differently and seek out new information that may help in the future is the plan.

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