Sunday, January 30, 2011

That Lotusphere Feeling and how to find me

Seeing people, some for the first time since last Lotusphere, reminds me of the 1st day back to school after summer break.
You see people and say, I know them, what's their name? or Hey it's or whatever.
The sense of being home, once walking into the Dolphin lobby, ESPN (once you got past the outside group), Kimonos or just walking past the Dolphin bar and Boardwalk is the same for everyone I ran into so far.
It's weird but comforting as well because the energy we all share is what starts Lotusphere off so well for all of us.
If you are looking for me, try Twitter or 4Square.
Look for a guy with a black hat that says LCTY Florida on it or at night is wearing a Lotus Sumtech black jacket.

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