Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SnowBound? In IT? Have you checked..

Tons of things.

This post goes out to everyone who is pondering when the snowpocalypse (saw this used on twitter today) will end.

No matter what your IT infrastructure looks like have you:

  1. Made sure your employees know what to check for updates about the offices being open or closed? Phone or websites usually.
  2. Tested your UPS units lately?
  3. Checked you have generators with fuel?
  4. Have you ever tested your backup and restoration procedures?
  5. Clustering enabled?
  6. Secondary WAN links in place and tested?
  7. Enabled mobile support to all and any devices for email, apps?
  8. Set security notifications to warn you if something is fishy. Best time to attack you is when there is a skeleton crew.
  9. Do not do any maintenance...unless you want to trek to the office to restart a stuck server.
  10. Make sure your inbound VPN can handle most of the office coming in through it.
  11. Provide an external phone number for support, security and other situations, if you don't already have it. (We write Business Continuity plans and many companies still do not have an outside number, only an extension)
  12. Make sure your executives know who to call or stay in touch with from IT because THEY WILL need this information. You know they will drop that phone in a pile of snow and you will have to brick it.

I could go on but you get the idea. Just be safe, warm and think happy thoughts and post them to Facebook, Twitter or wherever you like to socialize with people.

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  1. Ahh, snowpocalypse in the States, flooding of truly Biblical proportions in Australia... Where's that "End of the World is Nigh!" placard when you need it :)