Monday, January 17, 2011

TDI Update Gotcha while working on Connections

Tivoli Directory Integrator which I was using for a Connections installation in our office (we had the 2.5 series running, tore that down and rebuilding 3.0) had an update. No problem, follow the usual process.

Unzip the file newest update) to create a folder with the same name. Change to this directory and locate the UpdateInstaller.jar Jar file.
Copy and paste this file in the E:\IBM\TDI\V7.0\maintenance directory, replacing the existing file with the same name.
Open a command prompt and change to the E:\IBM\TDI\V7.0\bin directory and run the following command:

applyUpdates.bat -update e:\whateverdirectorystructure\

 Yet it failed. Many times. Tried checking typing, tried downloading it again, but no dice.

Googled it and didn't find a great answer either.

But what seems to be a recurring problem with software these days is the possibility of running out of character space for a file location. Maybe this was the issue, maybe not.

In the end, copied the directory to the root drive, E:\tdi-update-70006 and ran it from there.
This time it worked.

While checking on this I found the Connections Wiki actually says it unzipped to the root of the drive. Doesn't say you must and since installation files are elsewhere hadn't thought of it. So there you go, maybe it's not about character length as much as some odd coded requirement.

Wish there was a gotcha list for Connections?

Wait, there is, if you go to Lotusphere in 2 weeks, you can go to a session with this in mind.
It is given by Stuart Mcintyre and Rob Wunderlich.
BP105 Twelve MORE Things Your Mother Never Told You About Deploying IBM Lotus Connections 3.0
Dolphin S. Hemisphere II - Monday  3:45pm - 4:45pm

No idea if this made it to their session, I wills ee you and them there.


  1. Applying TDI FP5 worked for me without expanding the ZIP file to the top level directory. I followed the instructions below.

    Expand fix pack image file Open a command window, change to the TDI bin directory, and run script applyUpdates.bat to apply fix pack from the expanded image:

    D:\IBM\TDI\V7.0\bin>applyUpdates.bat -update D:\Paulo\7.0.0-TIV-TDI-FP0005\7.0.
    CTGDKO023I Applying fix 'TDI-7.0-FP0005' using backup directory 'D:\IBM\TDI\V7.
    CTGDKO027I Updating SERVER.
    CTGDKO027I Updating CE.
    CTGDKO027I Updating EXAMPLES.


    Paulo Pereira

  2. Paulo, Thanks for the information.
    I am wondering if it is a Windows issue as a 2003 and 2008 server both had issues until I moved the dir to the root.