Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DDM once again comes through

For those who still do not use DDM, Domino Domain Monitoring, you really must like working hard.

At MWLUG I presented on this topic, link to my presentation is here. In the room, only about 10% had ever looked at it or even opened it up. A sad commentary on training in my opinion.

I think I covered how to set this up in my presentation linked above.
For a voice over and presentation you can find my LTAP presentation here password was ltap. If you have questions, you know how to find me and I will be at Lotusphere as well.

In any event, if you had set up even some simple events in the events4.nsf database to monitor and notify you of failures, especially internal email routing or via VPN, then good for you.

If not, you would probably wake up to a nightmare of people screaming where is their emails. Instead you get a nice email from your server asking you to check what is wrong.

In this case, it even offered a bunch of reasons as you can see from it's email to me:
Originating Server: Company/corp
Event Severity: Fatal
Event Type: Server
Event Time: 01/10/2011 07:47:36 PM

Lotus Entries
Probable Cause:
1. The number of attempts to deliver messages to this destination is excessive.
2. The named server may be down.
3. There may be problems with network connection.
4. The details tab lists any errors encountered when attempting to access the destination.
Possible Solution:
1. Configure a mail routing probe to quickly detect a nonresponding server.
2. Verify that the other server is running.
3. Check connection documents for the correct information.
4. Verify that the number of messages required before routing occurs is less than the configured probe limit.
Corrective Action:
1. Create a mail routing probe.
2. Inspect or modify a Connection document on server 'name/corp'.

I know this is nothing special to many bloggers, but for those admins that want to learn and do more, it makes you look good to management, or in our case a client.

Be proactive, not reactive, plan ahead.

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