Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1 - Lotus Lurkers are Good

I ran into some friends from previous years that I don't get to interact with much during the year. They read my blog and those of many others but rarely comment if ever. Some call people like this lurkers.

In the Lotus world, or as it is now, Social Business world, this is a good thing. Yes it feeds the ego and ASW attitude but it also means we are doing exactly what Lotus is about. We are sharing information for others, hopefully for the right reasons. But even if you are not posting to help people per se, you prove that collaboration, KM(knowledge management) and just open sharing is valid.

So while it is always nice to know who is reading, you don't have to comment, personally I am happy to know someone reads this blog.

But when someone posts something that helps you, make sure to leave a comment saying so or reference it in your own blog post. As Kevin Spacey said during his keynote yesterday, "Send the elevator back down".

To everyone that has come up to me, and no doubt other bloggers, and said they read the blog or we helped them or just thanks for giving them hope and ideas, I thank you and enjoy Lotusphere 2011.

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