Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Quickr Tools Available

Lotusphere brings out all the greatness of the Yellow World and in this case a favorite topic of mine, Quickr has emerged with a new player and some useful tools.

Before continuing, we have a business relationship with RPR Wyatt that goes back about 3 years or so, just being open and honest.

So Michael beat me to it, but let me provide some more details.

There are 2 tools found on this page. Yes, they want you to register to get it.

1st tool is the Essential Place Catalog
And it provides some easy to use details, see this screen shot of the sizes of the largest (all)sites/places:

As you can see from the screen shot, you can get a quick easy view of inactive sites as well.

And if you need to, export it out using native Notes export options. Something which can come in very handy for reporting to management or HR or security when they ask more detailed questions of you.

Their other tool, Essential File Extractor will pull all of the attachments in a site/place and store them on your file server or other location.

I did not test it yet as I don't have a good reason right now to do this, but I can see usage for this tool especially when ending a place or archiving it but wanting the data accessible.

If you go get it, let RPR know I sent you we are listed as Vanessa Brooks. I have a Lotusphere bet going.

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