Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is running on your Sidebar?

Or how many Sidebar items can you fit on your screen?

On Twitter today I had asked about sorting my Sidebar apps. This elicited an interesting flurry of messages.

My main question was if I can sort them alphabetically and the answer was no straight from the source. Ideajam to the rescue, go vote for it. Sure it's a minor thing, but one of those nice things to do for the person using it.

Keep in mind, one can make the Sidebar apps into icons instead of taking up screen real estate, but then you need to know what the icon means and wait for the hover of a mouse to tell you.

So what do I have on mine? I will try to let you know where to find them, if anyone can fill in the gaps, or recommend anything else, let me know. The name has the link to get to it aside from IBM product related items.

Don't forget there are sidebar/widget catalogs out there in a few places.
One comes from the Turtle Partnership. Thanks to Gabriella, Tim and team for being one of the first out there and maintaining it. The basics are there like USPS, FEDEX among others.

1) Doodle - Just got a link to their beta of the widget. Not sure how much I will use it, but I'll try it.

2) Twitnotes - Although it does not work for me or anyone switching locations and ID regularly, similar to Sametime, if you are at home so to speak all day, you got to love it. And thank Mikkel for his great work!

3) Sametime, Quickr, Activities, Feeds, Day at a Glance any other native IBM pieces obviously as well.

4) Linkedin - For me and my nearly 5,000 connections this has been really helpful, especially when working with Livetext. You do know about Livetext don't you?

5) Sidebar Chart - (Quoted directly from the about this app)This is the Sidebar Chart application for the Lotus Notes 8.x Standard client, first demoed at Lotusphere 2009 in session BP111 by Rob McDonagh and Julian Robichaux of SNAPPS. This plugin displays a graphical representation of either (A) how many documents are selected in the active view versus how many docs are in the view, or (B) a comparison of values for selected docs in the view based on columns chosen for values and categories.

6) Recon - Another Julian app. This one you can not live without if you are an Admin. ReCon is short for Remote Console.

7) SNAPPS Calculator - Doesn't everyone need on in their Sidebar? Thanks SNAPPS.

8) Scrapple - Drag and Drop place that makes it easier in life. Again from the genius Mr. Robichaux.

9) Learning Plugin for Lotus Notes/Lotus Learning Widget - 2 slightly different versions of same information. Excellent videos, documents, PDFs and other how to help and such for Notes, Sametime, Symphony etc.

10) Lotus Learning widget for Symphony - Similar to #9 but Symphony focused. By the way, the Symphony website has a bunch of add-ins for Symphony and Notes.

11)Status Updater/ - Sametime, got it, Connections? got it. Twitter? got it. A Must if you are IBM/Twitter centric (until the release of Wildfire yesterday) but I haven't played with Wildfire yet but Wildfire extends to Facebook, GTalk, PingFm, Plurk, Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress and more! Thank you to Andrew Welch; Adam Brown for wildfire and Jessica W Ramirez for Status Updater.

12) Openntf Widgets - You aren't really using your Lotus infrastructure if you are not using Openntf's goodies. There are a few different options in the download. Thank you to Niklas Heidloff; Steve Castledine.

13) File Navigator - By far THE most wanted and used and installed Sidebar app. Bring your directories and files and folders easily into Lotus Notes. HUGE Thank you to Xiao Lei; Jian Kang; Rene Winkelmeyer.

14) Tripit - Travel much? Like to with friends? Get it use it to find everyone coming to Orlando this week.

15) Google Maps(from the turtle Partnership site) - No explanation needed, in conjunction with Livetext a big winner especially when locating new clients.

I also have about half dozen or so personal/corporate widgets there, like my Gotcha database(which I may post one of these days), billing app db, UK post code lookups, partners time card reporting for our subcontracts. You can do a lot in a Sidebar.

And don't forget, you can undock ALL of them. So those of you with multiple monitors go crazy and keep them open everywhere. Try doing this in Outlook.

So there you have it the top 25+ on my Sidebar not including bits and pieces.

Happy Lotusphere to all and share this list with your clients and friends.

And let me know what else I am missing that I just MUST have.



  2. Thomas, thank you for your post and running lists of Sidebar apps. Hope everyone checks your list out as well.

  3. I think you meant Rob Novak and Julian.

  4. Carl, I would but the about/help files mention the other Rob. I did give SNAPPS credit though.