Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Topika: Collaboration Through Email from the Innovation Lab

Another stop along the way in the Innovation lab was Topika. From Jalal Mahmud of IBM.

Topika integrates email with social and collaborative tools.

When you write an email this tool suggests a place or activity or site, in Quickr or Connections for example, to store it or place it. It searches your details and provides ideas of where to put the email. It has 2 lines added into the mail form that provides details about the site/place and location/folder.

This does not however work in reverse. It leaves the email in your inbox or sent mail folder. I would like to see it also auto file the email and/or opt for a delete this once stored.

Inbox management still needs help as people do not care about disk space or performance, or in some cases just basic order. If this can work on both ends at once it could be really helpful.

Of course this presumes people will still be using email as we know it in the future.

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