Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mail Journaling and Mail Rules

Client which uses Exchange and Domino has mail come into Domino and if it's for the Exchange people forwards to them. No mail is stored in Domino.
Wanted to use Mail Journaling to capture these mails as they think some mails are getting lost in the forwarding.
No problem. I enabled journaling and a configuration document with various other parts and settings and set the mail rule for all documents to journal.
Simple right?
Journal works, but now mail no longer forwards to Exchange.
I found that even if i turn off the mail rules there appears to be a conflict between the existing domain wide configuration and the specific server one. When I rename the server config document to a fake name, mail flows again, but obviously journaling is not working.
Any ideas?
Server is on 8.5 about to go to 851 fp1.


  1. what is the mail system type set to on the exchange person docs? Internet Mail?

  2. I think there are some settings where a domain-wide default config doc can over-ride a server-specifc doc, specifically for international MIME conversion settings where there is a checkbox that disables those settings in the config doc, but for most settings AFAIK only one config doc can be active per server.

    Anyhow, need more info.

    How have you configured the forwarding? Are the Exchange users in the Domino Directory? Are you using a SmartHost configuration setting?

    What are you trying to accomplish with the journaling? Just one server with a journaling rule, with that server being the only one that connects to the Exchange system? If so, why not have all servers configured with a journaling rule that points to the same mail-in database? That way you can continue to use the domain-wide config doc. (Only one server will journal each message. The router is smart and marks messages to avoid having multiple routers journal them.)

  3. I've had issue with journaling before and it was related to copy and pasted config docs. Try creating a new one from scratch and try again.

  4. @JP not sure why it should matter, mail works fine normally. But it is set for Notes in the Domino person doc.

    @richard one Domino server to one Exchange server. My guess is, like you said, the domain wide config doc has a setting which is in conflict.
    Still looking into it.

    @michael thought of that but we only had a domain wide config at the time. Domain does not allow for mail rules so you must create a server named config document.