Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Linux help from IBM

I brought my netbook to LS10 and did not realize that some updates killed my installation. EDITED: I was on ubuntu 9.04 but didn't disable the autoupdates and ended up at 9.10.

Lucky for me there was an IBM lab, on the 6th floor of the Dolphin which was for IBMers looking to turn their laptops over to Linux. Lucky for me, they worked with me to resolve the issue I had as well.

A technote was issued to resolve this but you might need some help.

Thanks to Evy Torres of IBM for her help. See the IBM Linux team at their Ped and take the Linux challenge.

Also thanks to Bill Machilsky for his help as well in answering my numerous questions.


  1. you should mention that your little update was a dist-upgrade from jaunty or older to karmic which is not a supported release for Lotus notes 8.5.x

  2. Ralf, yes I have edited with more detail.

  3. The technote link contains an additional http and therefor does not work