Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Muse an idea from The Innovation Lab

On my travels at Lotusphere I try to get into the Innovation lab to see what is coming down the road. One program I saw was Blog Muse. Expertly presented by Casey Dugan of IBM.

Blog Muse provides a way for someone to submit a request for a blog post on a topic, to no one in particular or to a specific person.

There is also the ability to vote on an idea, in a way, for those who use it, it's like Ideajam but for Bloggers.

And the results which were measured, not surprising, showed those blogs using the Blog Muse system had more readers and comments than those not using Blog Muse. Also more postings were posted by those using Blog Muse.

Hopefully someone in IBM will let Business Partners test this out....or Elguji could you provide Blogjam? hint hint

It's not that as a blogger I need ideas to post, but the ability to have readers or employees suggest topics is very appealing. Or on the flip side I can post an idea and get feedback on it. Something we all could use sometimes.

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