Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mobile Computing Interview

IBM provided me with an opportunity to interview David Isenhour Strategic Alliance Executive Mobile Computing.

My immediate questions were around the RIM Quickr and Connections clients. Price is probably under $50 per client and to be available from the IBM sofwtare entitlement sites.

The RIM Sametime client will still be free.

Joined by Andy and Jack we had a great conversation around what influenced our respective upgrades, device choices, business decisions around devices.

As I posted back in October, the iPhone at the time was forcing companies to upgrade because executive management had one and expected it to work with the office email, etc.

With Android support coming, the recent addition of encryption support for iPhones and a Traveler server that will run on Linux(someday perhaps?) the case for the future of mobile devices looks strong and IBM is working on making these things easier(within their capability) and faster to market, if they have the capability to do so.

If I learned one thing from Lotusphere this year it's that this last year or 2 will continue, IBM is producing pieces we all need and use at a much faster pace than nearly anyone else.

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