Friday, January 15, 2010

1st Lotus Connections Discussion

Today is the 1st Lotus Connections discussion, of a serious nature, we have had all year since last Lotusphere. We walked through the Lotus Greenhouse version as it is well populated. Why not our own? Well, no one built one. I started to, but always got sidetracked. Nothing like a client to kick everyone into gear!

I spent part of Thursday building a Lotus Connections box. It's up and running but a bit light on profiles for now. Still some tweaking to do but it's up, now to see what we can do with it.

We expect to fill it with internal and external people's details at some point. Clients, friends and of course dead rock stars (my personal favorite demo people) and for my kids Star Wars people(they get to add them).

But for now it's available for demonstrations, weddings and bar mitzvahs as a point of interest and guider of all that is sociable.

Word of warning if you are doing the install, the info center is a bit sketchy at parts but DON'T PANIC, there is a session at Lotusphere on it:

BP112 Twelve Things Your Mother Never Told You About Installing IBM Lotus Connections
Speakers: Rob Wunderlich, Stuart McIntyre
DL S. Hemisphere III - Monday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

More on this will be posted I have no doubt as we play with this further just a shame it took all year to do it.


  1. greenhouse instead of shame on you :-)

  2. Never fear Scott I did use it. didnt get a chance to update this post yet. will do more details over the weekend.
    for the record BY is much more populated and active.