Monday, January 25, 2010

LotusLive Notes now starts at 25 people

This is probably the best way to kill off Google attacks.

A 5GB mail file, full calendar, Sametime functions, BES as an option and it's hosted Lotus Notes mail for $9 per user a month(pricing may vary based n size and region).

So is a 500 person company looking to spend $4,500 a month or $54,000 per year to fix any infrastructure issues or upgrades and reduce their IT staff overhead, not to mention Data Center real estate, power consumption et al?


But by lowering the minimum buy in from 1,000 people to 25 there really is no reason for small customers not to do this.

No more hassles of hardware worries, calling the IT person in the middle of the night, no excess charges, no more downtime for upgrades and it just works. Works just as well as in your own office.

Maybe you had thought about going to Google, after all $50 per user a year is cheap. However, if you wanted your email migrated or really needed something you use, say rooms and resources, then think again. The cost to migrate your user community can be 100's of dollars per person or more. If you could keep what you own but improve your infrastructure and probably save some money too...why wouldn't you?

Those looking at Exchange face the same problem, migration fees will eat up any benefit for years to come. So really, think about LotusLive Notes, if you want to discuss it with me and how it all works, just ask. After all once you are in The Cloud does it matter where your support resides?

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