Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"We are going to use Google Apps"

Heard this from a client and no matter my discussion they were sticking to their idea.

I thought maybe it is better than Symphony and anything would be better than Office and the Ribbon.

So needing some spreadsheet work done, thought I should try it again as the previous time it was in beta.

Anyway, so I took my data, copied it and figured I would paste it into Google spreadsheets and start trying again.

Opened quickly and smoothly, looked simple and nice.

Selected a field to paste to, it has a built-in label field so I selected A2 just in case as I didn't want it to ruin the formatting.

Hit paste/CTRL-V, wait a few seconds and .....everything ended up in one CELL of one column. Not multiple cells or multiple columns or rows.

It treated everything as one giant piece of data.

Thank you, but that is 100% unhelpful if I can't import it as designed.

What does Google think, only elementary school children will create spreadsheets, one item at a time? Mixed data must be able to be entered in a simple way.

I tried all the options but none would keep my data in any logical sense at all.

Thanks Google but even Lotus 1-2-3 version 1.0 could do this much out of the box.


  1. It worked ok for me. Maybe a user error.

  2. Maybe Google Apps doesn't like vista or xp.
    Wish I could say it was the user, but we tried on 2 different pcs in the end.
    6 columns of data couldn't be moved in anything short of a mess.
    maybe I will do a video of it.

  3. Did you try uploading the current doc first?

  4. No document, just copy from a website into a spreadsheet.
    If I have time will show a video of it