Friday, October 2, 2009

Crazy Eddie's Prices Are Insane

If you were in New York in the 80's/90's you heard or saw this commercial so often you wondered if it was true. It wasn't always. Yet you wanted to go check it out.

Repetitive advertising does sink into the brain and while it may not cause you to go buy something every day, it does put itself in the front of your mind.

The Lotus Knows campaign has started in the US and we are excited to be a part of it. Repetition is good and IBM is making sure that us Business Partners follow strict guidelines of usage.

So campaign ideas must get reviewed first. Kills a bit of spontaneity, especially in local areas where time to publicize is key. But I respect it since Lotus Knows phrasing can get out of hand easily.

But if the campaigns are as huge as they sound and expected maybe we will get that same brain feel as the Crazy Eddie ads. Like to think so.

Haven't seen much yet in South Florida but we are not a huge target market. Which is a different point, shouldn't the campaign be going to places which are NOT such strong markets?

You can argue corporate headquarters is where to attack, but also these people's vacation spots. So during holiday breaks when people are here hopefully we will see more of the campaign.

But repetition is the key. Just like building servers, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Customers are already noticing the difference and my IBM friends tell me there is a big push from within with 8.5.1 coming out soon.

So it looks good for the future and wouldn't it be nice in 2 years to look back and say IBM was insane for listening to us, but damn it paid off!

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