Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seeing is Believing? Google Apps Fail #2

I wasn't kidding that Google Apps doesn't work! Here's the video I just did of trying to get some data stored in their spreadsheet online.

Or the URL is here.

Lotus Symphony
, sure isn't office, but I've been using it since January with no issues. Free is good, imagine your budget gaining back all that licensing cash you been giving Microsoft every year. Go get it now.

Happy to recant this if Google or anyone else explains how to do this at all.


  1. Keith,

    See this video I just recorded. Works fine for me:

  2. Bruce, PL was excellently designed by Yancy. Most pages that look/act like that should work.
    However, when doing research the data never comes in that clean in at least 3 different major sites (IBM, Microsoft, Monster) the data which is not exactly tabular does not show up in Google's properly, compared to Lotus 123 or symphony and Excel.