Friday, October 30, 2009

iPhone vs.HTC which to get?

So I have decided to stick with an HTC device or get an iPhone.

Sorry no Blackberry unless I work for them as we have no reason for a BES server and to be tied down like that with a limited browser.

If I have to commit to a 2 year agreement, I want a phone that I will be happy with which includes the following:

Worldwide usage/access
3G and high speed network of course
Wi-Fi a MUST
Touch Screen a MUST I am spoiled now after 3-4 years of my old HTC
Keyboard I know the iPhone doesn't have one and this keeps coming back to me
Fast processors
No limits on data storage(over 5,000 contacts for example currently)
Camera/Video purely nice to have, that's all
RDP/Terminal services for emergency connections - This might be an issue for the iPhone. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.
Of course run Sametime and Traveler

If there is a Nokia that makes sense let me know.


  1. I've had.

    I got it for the keyboard and ended up hating it because of the keyboard. Was very bulky and the keyboard was forever opening/closing in my pocket.

    - HTC Touch Pro
    Smaller and no keyboard but the UI (windows mobile) sucked. It was more PDA then phone. I haven't played with the new phones which has android. But I guess anything would be an improvement.

    Apart from that, nice enough phone. Battery life wasn't great.

    - Nokia Express Music
    Bulky phone (more like a brick). But comfy in the hand. The sound from it is great. Put the iPhone 3G to shame. I also loved the tactile keyboard on screen. felt like I was actually pushing buttons.

    and currently have.
    - iPhone 3GS
    I have unlocked phone with "pay as you go" here. As such any internet kind of access is not billed (calls expensive though). If they ever change the model I won't loose any more cash then what I put into the phone.

    The screen keyboard is fine and easy to use. Better then the chicken pecking I had to do TyTN.

    Of them all I'd have to go with the iPhone 3GS. It has everything I need, including terminal services (RDP + VNC).

  2. I use RDP all the time on my iPhone, works great over 3g or even edge.

    The app I use is called WinAdmin, and since we use a Cisco VPN here, the iPhone has a biult in Cisco vpn client, makes it easy. My boss also uses an ssh, telnet client on the iPhone to connect to routers and such.

  3. Can't comment on the HTC but on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), the Domino Webadmin console works great. And iNotes UltraLite was practically built for it. RDP is quite useable as well.

    I have a Blackberry. You can't beat the integration and admin control for larger deployments. But the browser is definitely a major weakness. So at home I use an iPod Touch to VPN in and check up on the Domino servers.

  4. Thanks everyone for the input. The remote acess was an issue, glad to see there are ways to make it work. I knew webadmin would come in handy someday.
    Thomas I will look at the N97 if on my network.