Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Boss has an iPhone...Get 8.5.1 NOW!

The fun world we live in we know is not based on logic, reality or anything that makes sense.

A few years ago Ed Brill did a session on "The Boss Loves Microsoft", maybe this needs to be revamped with the Lotus Knows campaign.

So when I visited a few customers recently saying they are moving off Blackberries for iPhones I shrugged and figured I should probably replace my dying HTC with a 3GS. I like RIM, but business is business.

Today met a customer, on R5, and the first thing I heard was the boss got an iPhone and wants 8.5.1 (Lotus Notes traveler, of course), how fast can we get it?

Love these customers. Seriously they have other reasons to move to 8.5.1 but this has become a recurring discussion the last few weeks especially as what IBM has put inside 8.5.1 for iPhones.

So not sure how everyone out there sees this but the idea that a Domino upgrade can be required because of a phone is just mind boggling.

Or is this the new technology advantage? It's no longer about the better technology, it's only about the eye candy technology working for your business?


  1. Guilty, but I see it as more of a good excuse to upgrade earlier than I would otherwise have been permitted.

    Sometimes it's more a case of upgrading to 8.5.1 to keep your iPhone-toting executives from kicking off an expensive and pointless outlook migration project for the sake of their convenience. :)

  2. There is a lesson in there. Just include one really CIO compelling reason to upgrade and it happens, real quick. Maybe each upgrade for ND should have the killer CIO feature.

  3. I think it shows two things:
    The "CIO wants it so it happens" principle" (that #2 Tony mentioned), but it also shows that Email isn't just about the PC any more. Mobile PDA access to mail/calendar/contacts is rising to the forefront in importance.

    (And applications on the Mobile PDA will probably be following along in importance real soon now.)

  4. It is a good excuse, but so wrong in many ways.
    We try to explain so much and leverage so many things, but if it all comes down to will it work with my phone, that is just really narrow minded of business people.
    Wait till next year's cool gadget.
    But perhaps it is the rebirth of messaging being important after the CXO crowd.
    Yes mobility is the key and we make sure we help clients get mobile in the best way possible.
    But they could have been mobile all these years, it's just a view in a database (says the non-developer).