Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Quickr Caching data between Sites?

In between other things today I was testing a solution for a client and ran into something which was troubling and thinking this can not be Working as Designed.

Let's say in Quickr 8.2 one has attached a movie clip in one site, called moviesite and it runs in a little window on the page.

Now let's say I hop over to demosite on the same Quickr server using the same browser window instance. As the admin I do not have to relogin of course.

In the demosite, we placed a similar window box but in this case embedded in the html code the movie name. (Just testing so it was a quick fix for a test)

Opened the page in demosite and suddenly the movie starts running.

I was at a loss for words at this implication.

Could it be a browser cache issue? There were no pointers to the other site just a simple movie.mpg name.

Some one with some more development knowledge on Quickr please enlighten me.


  1. Quickr will only cache web pages on a per user basis once the user has been to the page. You can restrict this further to just pages that don't contain any data if you want.

    The Quickr server will never cache objects that reside on external servers but will cache the HTML reference to it. So if you load page1 on a Quickr server and it references a youtube video it will send the HTML to the browser and cache the HTML page for the user. The browser can cache the actual youtube video. Then if the user goes to another Quickr page which also references the video and the user has not been to this page, the Quickr server will generate and send the HTML down to browser but the browser may not make a request for the video as the URL to the video hasn't changed (even if you have altered the other HTML attributes). The end result is that the video will run as soon as the HTML has rendered.

  2. Garth,
    I understand what you describe. But what if the html file doesn't ask to get the movie from youtube and just lists the name?
    Would this still work this way?