Monday, October 19, 2009

Domino Does what again?


But I can't really explain it to you as it requires too much time.

So to keep it real and not so simple (we=Domino and built-in means in the box for free):
  1. Email? We have a service that does that built-in no extras required
  2. Mobility for the non-Blackberry crowd, especially iPhone people with policies to manage the devices. We have that service built-in
  3. Spam Controls? We have a service for that too
  4. Server Failure? We have a built-in service to restart it and email the admin about it, before anyone even knows it happened it's back up
  5. Installs in under 3 minutes.
  6. Want mobile applications? We have a service for that as well (may require a Domino Designer client, but that's free too)
  7. Secure Chat? We have an app for that, but you can do it from within your Notes client, or Exchange Client
  8. Blogs? We have a template for that built-in
  9. Wiki Pages? We have a template for that as well
  10. Share your project work? We have a built-in service
  11. Directory Flexibility? We have a few ways to do this from LDAP to Tivoli Directory Integrator which are all free inside
  12. CRM? has a free templates for that (only register to download them for free)
  13. Save Diskspace (and money, backup time) by only storing one copy of an attachment, no matter how many people in your office you sent it to. There's a service for that built-in.
  14. Security? We have many services built-in to protect your data
  15. Multiple Operating Systems
  16. Clusters up to 6 servers, no matter the OS or hardware or distance.
  17. But most importantly is quick and efficient to recover from OS crashes.
There is of course a long list of what Domino, by itself, could do for you and your organization, before we even discuss applications you could benefit from. There are also 2 versions of the server, a mail only edition and the full everything edition. Not all items above are in the Mail only edition.

Have more items in Domino itself for people to know about that they could use out of the box, just add your comments.

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