Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lotus Knows People Need Jobs

And as last night's post showed me,a bunch of you at least are looking for new roles.

Just maybe not in South Florida.

On the plus side I have some resumes and if someone else was looking to hire a developer, let me know too. Not that I want to be a clearing house but if I can connect everybody, we all win.

Domino.Doc projects are moving forward and Quickr discussions are getting some excellent cost savings into companies so the project costs are recouped within the 1st month!

Companies may not need to hire people in the future, they may prefer to keep outside services, which means we as BPs should think about how we can help the community.

We try to utilize remote people when possible, unless clients prefer onsite, because if you are happy at home, then everyone is happy, including your family.

Websphere and J2EE development is coming, finally after all this time, to a customer near you and if I was retraining that is where I would go since Sametime, Connections among other products require it and your average organization isn't ready for the jump to it.

Should have abstracted a Bird of a feather session on this but forgot.

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