Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun Here it Comes

IBM to buy Sun? About time someone did, if only to own Java and get it fixed.

When I discussed it with Microsoft about 5 years ago, SUN's stock was around $3-$5 and would have been pocket change for them, plus they could have killed Java before it went open source and allowed C# to rule.

Well fast forward a few years and what do we have now? Java has been open sourced and IBM may or may not want their hardware, although a stronger UNIX/Linux server may come out of this. But the services people and sales force might be of use.

Is it worth $6.5 billion for IBM? No idea, I still believe IBM should buy RIM and stick to that idea. It makes more sense from a social media, communications, messaging and even device levels.

IBM for now is happy working with RIM but for how long will Microsoft share it and for that matter can Lotus Notes Traveler expand enough to replace a BES?

We live in odd times, interesting is so last century.


  1. Always thought it would be smarter for HP to buy them. There isn't much room in the UNIX marketplace and Solaris and AIX are difficult to unseat. Will be interesting (or maybe odd) to see how they position Solaris with AIX.

  2. Charles,
    I see your point about unseating them, but what would they do if SUN went belly up tomorrow?