Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The "Death Patrol"

I was commenting on Karen's recent post about lack of privacy and the Social Media/Web 2.0 world and realized this may be of interest to some people.
What if you were the subject of "The Death Patrol"?

Some background.

My grandparents have some great friends who love them dearly, but heaven forbid my grandparents not show up to a regular event and I get the "are they okay?", "do you know anything?", "can we help them"?

Keep in mind, my grandparents from my mom's side are 89 and 87. They use the net and email and have done for years, not always efficiently, but it works for them, I am happy they do it at all. Okay, I have to adjust the screen resolution when helping them on their computer but other than that all is good. In truth it was their original IBM PC which I took apart, literally, many times over the years as I updated it and taught them how to use it. So much for training in the 80's.

So when I discuss Social Media with people I remind them that it's all fine and good until someone gets hurt. Stalkers are just one problem. ID theft, mail fraud, burglary, putting your kids in harm's way, hate groups are better informed as well, not to mention what a future employer or customer digs up on you via Google.

1984, close enough isn't it. Or maybe it leads to a Logan's Run scenario where everything about you is known and maybe you end up on a hit list for being too old, or in the wrong place or comment the wrong way and the government brings the Sandman(see the Logan's Run link) after you.

But I'd rather be seen and known than unknown and having "The Death Patrol" on the case. Maybe I just feel like that until I make my first million.

Only time will tell.

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