Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Live Social Networking isn't as Useful as Online

I am branching out in my old age to more local networking. OK so my friend asked me to help fill numbers, but lunch is lunch right? Some of the people I met may read this and maybe it will encourage them too.

While I mixed and mingled and got business cards, don't think ANYONE in there would know a Poken if they saw it or use it either.

What was more interesting is the people who either did not have an email address or their phone number or web site on their cards, or even have any cards, so what business did THEY hope to get from this?

If you are going to give one out, hopefully it's because you want me to contact you, or be something I should trade in for something at a restaurant, expo or business.

Looked everyone up in Linkedin, Facebook will wait, and created a group in Lotus Notes to email everyone so we can share some discussions further. Already connected one with a developer friend of mine.

No one is on twitter or shows it on their cards, or uses signatures in their emails. I am just confused in this day and age why aren't they doing so? But AHA, I see a business opportunity there in helping them get on track for this social world of ours. I am available to present on the topic of how to expand your connectivity.

Online provides more fluid ways to connect with others and dare I say it, instant gratification, or decision to continue talking to someone or connect them on the moment notice to someone.

The downside, for me, was this meeting, of over 75 people, was 2/3 financial(mortgage/investments/planning/insurance), real estate(commercial and residential), marketing and other life coaches, etc as many other groups tend to be.

One of my other groups is just IT executives and CIOs and I prefer that group and its sub parts, of course, but general networking just doesn't do it for me. How about you? Do you get to any mixers/networking events every week or even every month? Which ones are better? Maybe I am just not in the right places. I am trying to free up one lunch or evening a week for these but only if there is a real value to it.

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