Friday, March 27, 2009

Fud Buster Friday #33 - We Use Microsoft because...

Better late than never, client issues kept me busy all day and night. Sorry to those who expected it early this morning.

They provide everything we need.

Do they? In a way that is really practical?

If you bought a new car but before you could sign for it the dealer asked if you needed to steer? What would you say? Of course! Well they would add a steering wheel to your car, and charge you for it.

Will you be driving it? Then you will need brakes and tires. Again these get added to your price.

And what if they asked would you be driving at night? Then you need to buy headlights, tail lights.

If you live in a cold or warm climate would you like air conditioning or a heater? Again, probably you say yes and they charge you for this too. WAIT, this one actually happens still!

You get the idea by now. So why do you still buy Mirosoft products if they treat you this way?

Why do you still like them when they treat you this way?

You have choices, like the car companies and you bought your Lexus/Mercedes(examples only, I don't drive either) because it just came ready to go. Didn't you? Because you hate the headache of piecing together a car(Toyota that is why the Sienna loses to the Odyssey IMHO). yet your infrastructure is cobbled together the same way.

But it doesn't have to be.

We can help you, just ask, we promise to reduce your server count and headaches.


  1. Well, I still run Microsoft Windows because IBM makes me...

    I'm a Domino administrator and developer, and since the admin and designer clients doesn't exist for any other platform than Windows, I am forced to use this platform, although I'd rather replace Windows with something else...

  2. Peter,
    Lotus has given you choices, a java console/admin tool and a command line one, not to mention the server console itself.
    Not saying you are wrong, I agree there should be more leverage of clients. The Eclipse client for designer should and I believe is expected to run on other platforms, just not quite yet.
    Will know more later this week on this subject.