Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5 Update or How Not To Do It

We were updating our internal Lotus Domino 8.5 server with the latest Lotus Notes Traveler update from Fix Central ver8.5.0.1 (
One of my coworkers who hadn't done any work on Traveler yet was doing it and asked me how to install the update.
I hadn't thought about it and instead of saying, read the readme file, said run the exe.
I meant the download .exe so it would unzip.
Unfortunately for us the .exe file was run, but it was the ntraveler.exe. OOPS.

What to know what happens? Try it, in development, NOT production.
You get a lovely error in your Domino Server console which points to wherever you unzipped the file and ran the exe file. The usual process.exe has terminated abnormally.

Suffice it to say we did many things and finally the only way to resolve it we restarted the physical machine to clear any problems in memory and then reinstalled Traveler 8.5 and then properly installed the update.

It all works now.

So EDITED 3/12/2009: READ THE MANUAL and if you don't see it, search the IBM Toolbar or or Google for it.


  1. Thank you for sharing, keith. New acronym added for my PLBEC (Planet Lotus Better English classes). This is, I enjoy with my job reading the PL blogs and I take free English classes. So, RTFM is "Read the Fucking Manual". Ok, keith.

  2. Or for us gentler readers it is Read The Flipping Manual. Irish Readers? Read The Fecking Manual etc. etc. :-)

  3. For us yet gentler souls, it's Read the Fine Manual....


  4. OK guys I get it, my apologies. Sorry to confuse my Irish brethren.
    Of course I meant fecking.