Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuck inside of Microsoft with the Windows Blues Again?

Apologies to Mr. Zimmerman, but this was interesting reading which had not occurred to me yet. Then again I am not really looking at Windows 7 so please forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere.

Read Samara Lynn's article in CRNtech print magazine for March 2009 over the weekend. The link here is to the online version which is slightly different.

This quote was interesting:

How Windows will be deployed on legacy equipment is a question that has been addressed by Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT), but rather nebulously. Consider statements made by Gavriella Schuster, a member of the Windows Product Management Team and contributor to the "Windows for Your Business Blog:" "If you are on Windows XP and are waiting for Windows 7: Make sure you take into consideration the risks of skipping Windows Vista and plan on starting an early evaluation of Windows 7 using the beta ... You may find your company in situations where applications are no longer supported on Windows XP and not yet supported on Windows 7."

OK, I'll bite, what possible application will no longer be supported on XP and not yet supported on Windows 7? Any of them? What company in their right mind would break something from working with XP?

DOH! Microsoft of course.

What company, aside from Microsoft itself, would produce products which did not work with what by now is the longest in the tooth operating system? And demand customers go to Windows 7 for support too most likely?

So before you go out and buy that new laptop/netbook with windows 7 on it,(as if it will appear this year)make sure you check if anything on it will work with your XP world.

Yet another reason to love Lotus Domino, all versions work together in harmony, new and old. Just follow proper guidelines as your R4 mail client might not like the R8 mail template, but from a server perspective that R8 server will work with your R4 mail templates. Try that with Exchange/MS Mail servers.

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  1. Yeah, no kidding. I wish IBM would do more to market that side of things. In the real world it IS a big deal.