Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear IBM DeveloperWorks

I want my DVD's back!

To be more exact, I want my 2009 SEK and I want it now! Well, if it is coming out soon, I can wait another month or 2.

SEK is Software Evaluation Kit. Site is here.

For those that do not know, this is an EXCELLENT piece of marketing for customers!It comes as a pair of DVD's with a full list of code, trial versions, in Windows and Linux versions with code from DB2, Websphere, Rational and of course, Lotus.

Now before you all go crazy and say download what you need from this excellent IBM download site, think about this:

Why is this important to me? Because I support clients going back to R5.
So you ask? Well, where else would I have various client and server versions of historic nature to rebuild a lost server code or test with? And this is nicely setup and on a gatefold dvd(used to be cd's years ago).
Plus I don't waste my time downloading over 30 products or having to find space to put it all or the time to burn it or store it.

Also, for those that want to parallel Linux/Windows environments, as I am doing now for a client, it is a great way to ensure you know what is and isn't on Linux. but always check latest updates just in case as these are usually twice a year issued.

IBM, I understand this costs money and the shipping is free when these are requested, but how much can the whole program costs vs. the benefits from even one company picking up ANY of the software on it?

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