Monday, March 30, 2009

Search add-on for INI's from Firefox or IE7

In case you missed this gem of a blog post, I want to let others know about it.

My compliments to Bastian Wieczorek from the Lotus Notes Toolbox, on his/their excellent Notes.INI search add-on to Firefox and IE7.

Find it here.

It puts the search in the top right corner search bar.

As he describes it:

Because of the reason that so many visitors asked if there is a easier way to search for a notes.ini entry I build a small search plug-in for the Firefox +3.x or the Internet Explorer +7


I am not one of those people that has memorized every notes.ini setting, which is why I post about the more obscure ones when I need to use them.

This add-on, along with my previous post on how to troubleshoot should be on every admins or developers machines.

And possibly your servers too.

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  1. Thanks for the posting. Its nice to hear that this collection is helpful :-).

    I just released a additional tool.

    Its currently a beta version but it works like expected.

    this tool sorts your lotus notes.ini and will explain you every entry and will mark double entries (or entries without a value). In the future it will show you which notes.ini values might be obsolete. It is also planed to check if the value from an entry is valid or not.