Friday, November 14, 2008

No Session in Orlando? Now What?

How you going to go, what are you going to do?

Well I know of at least one company with space for you, if you want to help them with their pedestal. A little company called Elguji' and let Bruce know you want to help.
Or Twitter him.

Other BPs may have space. You get an exhibitor's pass which usually does not allow you to go to the OGS or any sessions. However, based on past experience we all know people and there are ways to get you in some sessions. No hands on though, sorry or anything requiring registration.

Other than this, there are many ways to share hotel/car and other amenities. We have covered many times the options for food, drink and other luxuries.

Oh and you will not get a Lotusphere 2009 backpack or t-shirt(the freebie given for filling out the conference review form). However the backpacks usually go on sale late Wednesday or early Thursday if you really MUST have one. Usually about $20 for them.

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