Monday, November 3, 2008

Proctor and Gamble Stole the Lotus Logo!

Remind you of any Lotus Logo's perhaps?

So I wake up on this early morning Sunday after Daylight Savings Time messes up my kids sleep habits and what do I see in the coupon section?
Lotus logos!
Not one but many, then I put my glasses on and saw it.
Still, how odd I thought.


  1. interesting. since they migrated off of Notes a few years back!

    -Tim E. Brown

  2. Did you mean P&G or their graphics firm?

  3. I meant P&G. mail is exchange now and most of the apps are still domino, i believe.

    -Tim E. Brown

  4. but it was interesting to see the logo out there.
    The devil made them do it I guess.