Thursday, November 20, 2008

QSnTT - When an Error Message Gets Misplaced

My Browser is a Notes Client?! Call the UX lab
Quickr Show n Tell is Back Again

Sometimes one gets away from you. This must be Quickr's for R8.1.
I received this after converting a Quickr server from using LDAP as it's Directory to Domino as it's Directory.

I am using a browser, yet the error believes me to be using a Notes Client. Has Lotus taken over Firefox? Has Firefox embedded a Notes Client in itself?

Remember to revert any changes in the qpconfig.xml for LDAP when doing this.

Evidently there are some hard coded references to LDAP or Domino Directory in the Main.nsf that must get touched (or reinstalled). Anyone who's done this let me know, Stuart and I have similar issue doing the exact reverse processes. He is going to LDAP from Domino Directory.

UPDATED 30 minutes later: My problem was a looping caused by 2 references in the DA file and removing the 2nd NAB from the Quickr server. So we are back on LDAP, now to fix port 636 to be open at the firewall for SSL LDAP. Never a dull minute.


  1. New slogan for IBM: "Lotus Quickr -- harder than it needs to be."

  2. No harder than any other software which interacts in an enterprise. In this case I had firewall issues which I should have known to check first, but since they previously worked it hadn't occurred to me.
    The error message is unique enough.