Friday, November 14, 2008

Language Translation Made Easy

Thanks to Charles, the Code Poet's post, more of us should do this.
I am sure somewhere a Websphere sales person will have a heart attack, but Google Translator is set up now on my blog.

Pick a language and poof! The entire site gets translated, and mostly correctly too!
Relatively easy, one I figured out the Blogger settings.

The wonders of modern technology never cease. Now you have ammunition for your respective country battles.
Go out and win!


  1. See, sometimes I post useful stuff. I'm not always spewing hate and venom. :-)

  2. The problem with MT (machine translation) is that it rarely translates correctly. MT just does not translate the verbage, feelings, correct meanings of a sentence structure which is why I don't use it.

    Try a little experiement... Have a chinese person read the chinese converted language and send you an email of what they think they read. Then have someone do spanish and danish...

    You will get some suprising results and you'll remove the language translation from your website.

    Really, MT is just not mature enough yet. You need MT with libraries...

  3. Charles, you? Never. But an excellent idea it is.
    John, I am not so down on MT. While it isn't perfect, neithe ri smy speaking skills in french(actually nil) and something is better than nothing.
    I know in my tests it showed text translation which was understandable which is important to me just as when I try to read blogs from outside the US in their languages.
    I don't have a huge Chinese following, so bad example, I do have a nice German/French and Spanish one and from what I read and understand it looked good enough.
    I'm not a Pulitzer Journalist, just a guy with large ambitions.