Monday, November 10, 2008

Feedjit Is Cool

Decided to start taking better care of my readers and myself.
Being ignorant of your readership is never a good thing and although some people think I should cover other areas or be more case study related, I don't see it that way.

Not that these changes will help me in what to write, but knowing for instance that I have a big following in my previous country of England does help at times.

So slowly been changing items here now that I can focus on the blog.

So Feedjit is a nice little app that tracks where people are coming from via IP and thus provides you some idea of which pages/posts others read and how much of the world reads your site.

Having traveled fairly extensively in South America, Europe, Middle East and the US it's nice to see more followings.

So far I am impressed by it and the background posts people have been reading makes me want to revisit some of them.

This was just a tech post, not Lotus related.

But I still haven't heard from a few sessions and there may be hope on the horizon.

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