Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lotus Twitter Advertising

Coming soon to a Lotusphere Near You

Sure you can advertise on Twitter, it just takes some thought, after all 140 characters really doesn't go far.

See if you liked any of these(I posted them all today while discussing advertising online with someone):

Does your email server fail regularly? Never get ahead of the curve to work on something new? Still running a 5yr old server? You need help.

Immediately Followed by:
Get Lotus Domino now like always for nearly 20 years,rock solid and easy to maintain, we can help you out of Exchange in time for 2009!

Never able to find coworkers or friends outside of the office?With Lotus Sametime you will never miss them again.Make it happen in 2009!

Work on many projects with many clients? Tired of trying to connect everyone to file servers,web sites and emails? Get Lotus Quickr in 2009!

Sales Pitch:
If any of these ideas interest you,let me know how we can help you with them.If you are a Lotus organization,let us help you into 2009!

So what do you have to say and how have you been advertising these days?


  1. I think spamming on Twitter is a good way to be removed by your followers. I despise spam, and it is as disrupting on Twitter as in my mailbox.
    Don't we have enough spam as it is?

  2. Actually, I'd agree with the first poster that spamming on twitter isn't nice.


    There's no reason why you can't intersperse your twits with comments like..

    I'm relaxing 'cos my Domino server doesn't need any tuning or fixes.

    When it's a personal statement, it's not spam.

  3. I'd have to agree with the above two posters. It would be interesting to know how many followers you lost after that, but since I won't be following you any more I'll never know. Oh well...

  4. TexasSwede and probably others too I imagine, I really do apologize. I was unaware that people received emails of the twitters others post even when not directed at them specifically. I only receive DM's in sms and email and I did not DM anyone. My Bad. Very bad.

    Twitter will tell me how many I lost. Interesting discussions back and forth with numerous people, pro and con on this one.

    Gavin is right probably should have done them in staggered time mode with other comments.
    The idea was showing how one can create advertising in one sentence, well 140 characters.

    An experiment which is done and not likely to be repeated the same way again. Next time I'll use a dummy account for demo's.