Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Quickr Caching data between Sites?

In between other things today I was testing a solution for a client and ran into something which was troubling and thinking this can not be Working as Designed.

Let's say in Quickr 8.2 one has attached a movie clip in one site, called moviesite and it runs in a little window on the page.

Now let's say I hop over to demosite on the same Quickr server using the same browser window instance. As the admin I do not have to relogin of course.

In the demosite, we placed a similar window box but in this case embedded in the html code the movie name. (Just testing so it was a quick fix for a test)

Opened the page in demosite and suddenly the movie starts running.

I was at a loss for words at this implication.

Could it be a browser cache issue? There were no pointers to the other site just a simple movie.mpg name.

Some one with some more development knowledge on Quickr please enlighten me.