Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Boss has an iPhone...Get 8.5.1 NOW!

The fun world we live in we know is not based on logic, reality or anything that makes sense.

A few years ago Ed Brill did a session on "The Boss Loves Microsoft", maybe this needs to be revamped with the Lotus Knows campaign.

So when I visited a few customers recently saying they are moving off Blackberries for iPhones I shrugged and figured I should probably replace my dying HTC with a 3GS. I like RIM, but business is business.

Today met a customer, on R5, and the first thing I heard was the boss got an iPhone and wants 8.5.1 (Lotus Notes traveler, of course), how fast can we get it?

Love these customers. Seriously they have other reasons to move to 8.5.1 but this has become a recurring discussion the last few weeks especially as what IBM has put inside 8.5.1 for iPhones.

So not sure how everyone out there sees this but the idea that a Domino upgrade can be required because of a phone is just mind boggling.

Or is this the new technology advantage? It's no longer about the better technology, it's only about the eye candy technology working for your business?