Friday, January 16, 2009

Fud Buster Friday #23 - IBM is Dropping Lotusphere

Microsoft spoilers abound, but this one is perpetual.

Every year Lotus reminds us that next year we will be back in Orlando and gives us the dates.
Every year Microsoft touts that IBM is dropping Lotusphere, just like Devcon, Lotusphere Europe and similar events.

IBM renewed it's agreement with the Swan/Dolphin for another few years, I think we are good to 2012, but if anyone knows better let me know.

Should IBM expand Lotusphere is really the question. In looking at my calendar
see it here:
Double and Triple booked is crazy you know for Lotusphere

It is obvious that I need more hours in my day and Lotusphere needs more days in it's week. Or Lotusphere maybe needs to get broken down further and bring back Devcon so all the AppDev has a proper place and time. Then the Sphere could be about the infrastructure, products and of course, Admin. But then I am a little biased.

But seriously, the show is so large and so difficult to match your time, coupled with client meetings, IBM partner meetings, special on site meetings, company business and of course support still of our clients, it does take it's toll.

So as we all hunker down and fly(no more water landings please, kudos to Capt. Sullenberg!), drive (congratulations to Goodyear you just sold me 2 new tires this morning for my bald and flat rear ones) or Bus(Lotus911 doing it again?) remind everyone you meet, see or bump into anywhere in the world Lotus is alive, well and kicking and this year will see some heavy hitting from IBM.

So for the Microsoft lover in your organization, and all Star Trek fans, remind them
Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold?
RIP Ricardo Montalban.
It's 32F in Seattle right now.