Friday, September 11, 2009

View Corruption and Mobile devices

Not sure yet where to start or end but suffice it to say, something is amiss.

I run a pair of servers, clustered, one on 8.5, other 8.5.1 code drop8.

Have websites and db's replicating and set up for both for failures.

All of that works well of course, as it should.

Problem is my school app which I am working on again has a problem on my phone.

I hit the URL to test my changes and after a few changes or some minutes the device is not showing me what I coded. When I try to clear and refresh it I then get a document error message.

Domino shows nothing wrong in console which makes me believe the problem lies within the phone itself. Just annoying to test this way. Wondering if I need to increase cache refresh on Domino for mobile apps.

Or could my view really be corrupt all the time? wondering if it's a template issue but I turned off template inheritance. Just wondering.

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